IMES intelligent range extension system, the secret of Tianji ME5’s endurance of 1012km, won the top ten power award

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Recently, there was a popular message on Douyin, “You can buy a bicycle with a full tank of gas, and you can buy an electric bike with four tanks of gas.” There was also a comment that a tank of gas is 1 gram of gold.The fact is that in just three months of 2022, the price of oil has already adjusted three times, all of them up, and March 17 could see the fourth increase.Among them, the retail price of gasoline no. 92 has entered the 8 yuan mark, and gasoline no. 95 has entered the 9 yuan era.It has to be said that the prosperity of the new energy vehicle market is the general trend.And the range extension models, which can save the cost of car use and car maintenance and solve the anxiety of battery life and charging, are also receiving more and more acceptance from the user group.Among them, tianji ME5, extended range A+ class SUV launched by new energy vehicle company Tianji Auto and JINGdong, is the king of cost performance and very competitive in the market. Since its delivery in November last year,Realize double harvest of sales and reputation.Tianji ME5 has a long endurance of 1012km, keeping up with the ideal ONE of 1080km, but its price is half of the latter, the cost can save more than 100,000 yuan, it is really exciting, so what is its secret weapon?Of course, iMES intelligent range extension system, which is highly efficient and reliable, has excellent performance and won the “China Heart” top ten New energy vehicle power system award in 2021.Tianji iMES intelligent range extension system, using the world’s first mass-produced flywheel rotor integrated design, the engine direct drive motor no transfer loss, safe and reliable, the control system adopts power following strategy, immediately use, no charge and discharge loss.Efficient oil-electric conversion, improved power generation efficiency, synchronous reduction of fuel consumption, oil and electricity, flexible way of energy supply, so that users away from battery life and charging anxiety.Urban commuting electricity, high-speed travel oil, quite cheap, run 1 km only 10 cents, greatly save the daily cost of car.In terms of power, Tianji ME5 is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. The maximum power of the generator can reach 150kW, and the peak torque is 310Nm, bringing powerful power to the vehicle.In addition, ME5 is also equipped with V2L travel battery, supporting 220V/6 kW power output, which can charge all kinds of electrical appliances, but also can achieve vehicle-to-vehicle charging, so as to further meet the power demand of users during long-distance self-drive travel.To sum up, starting with Beijing choose a good car Skyrim ME5, not only enjoy pure electric drive pleasure and smooth, but also enjoy the same energy supplement efficiency as gasoline cars, but also get lower fuel consumption compared to the same level of gasoline cars. Families with a car budget of 150,000-200,000 can definitely be considered.According to the official information of Tianji Auto, now you can enjoy the welfare of 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan when buying a car.In addition, it also provides 60 long-term loan financial policies, with down payment as low as 22,000 yuan, monthly payment of more than 2,000 yuan, as well as 0 interest loans, 0 yuan home and other flexible financial policies.If you are interested, you can go to tianji Auto sales and service store for a test drive, or make a reservation at the “Tianji Auto” APP or mini program, or call the official hotline 400-977-1777 to learn more about it and start your wonderful journey in spring.