996 is a hot topic, why is Huawei seldom discussed?Wages are not a problem

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996 is a hot topic, why huawei’s high intensity of work pace, but rarely discussed?996 is a hot topic at present, especially for migrant workers working in first-tier cities, many people are living the same life as 996.In real life, in fact, a lot of people working condition is good, some enterprises in the first-tier cities, although said more work overtime, but to pay more in place, basically no one have any complaints, the company is one of the typical representative, we will discuss together this topic today.One, for many young people, it is difficult to have a job, little room for bargaining now graduates each year much more special, if you major in university is not particularly popular schools, also is not famous university graduate, record of formal schooling is not particularly high, just ordinary college or bachelor degree, graduated from university wanted to find a good job, there are bigger.Nowadays, more and more people go to school, and more and more people go to college, so that college diploma and bachelor degree are not obvious advantages when looking for a job.If you look at the major recruitment platforms, you will find many high-paying jobs that require a master’s degree or above. For a first degree, you even need to graduate from a double-top university.In this environment, for a young man, it is not easy to find a job, there is not much room for bargaining when looking for a job, even if the work may be more hard, but also temporarily down.Especially for young people who have just graduated from university and are entering the society, it is difficult to find a good job because of their lack of work experience. If they do not accumulate certain work experience in the first few years, it will be very difficult to raise their salary in the future.This is why many college students directly apply for positions within the system after graduation, because working in the system, although the salary is not particularly high, but the work is stable, compared with some enterprises, the work pressure is much lower.Second, the enterprise has the purpose of profit, the staff to work overtime to produce more value analyzed just now, I’ll give you some of the staff, for an ordinary employee, is looking for a job, not much room for bargaining, unless you are belong to the high level talented person, has the stronger ability, is looking for a job when I talk about price.For an enterprise, the ultimate purpose of recruiting an employee is to let him complete the corresponding work and bring the overall benefits to the company. Only in this way can the company run steadily in the long run.In many cities of large enterprises, working overtime is very normal thing, because if just eight hours during the day time, is likely to be companies don’t have a way to finish a lot of work, only can let the employees to work overtime at night, although every class time is not long, but long, also can make the company get more value.In particular, first-line large enterprises have a large number of tasks, but they have to consider the cost of employment. They can only play a greater role within the limited scope of posts, so the life of 996 has come into being.Huawei is an excellent company and one of the high-tech enterprises in Our country. I know several friends who are all working in Huawei and have some understanding of the situation there.Working in Huawei is really stressful, because the daily workload and annual performance evaluation will bring certain pressure to employees, but these pressures can gradually be transformed into motivation for employees.Working in Huawei, as long as you can fulfill your tasks and reach the annual appraisal goal, you can get a very high salary, which is really a very good choice for an ordinary person, because you can get corresponding rewards and harvest for your efforts.Many people may not know the salary of Huawei.I can give you an example.I know a friend who graduated from a famous 985 university in China with a master’s degree in computer science. After graduation, he signed a labor contract with Huawei And got an annual salary of 500,000 yuan right after graduation.If it is to sign a labor contract with some other ordinary companies, many graduates of master’s degree have got a salary, that is, between 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan, it is very difficult to get an annual salary of 500,000 yuan.But as long as you have the ability and ability, you can work in Huawei company and get a higher annual salary, the premise is that you really have the ability.If you’re making $500,000 a year, it doesn’t matter if you’re working overtime, because for that amount of money, you should be doing this well to keep getting paid more.Many people think that working in Huawei is very stressful and fast-paced. Working in Huawei is bound to bring some working pressure, but the working pace is generally good and not as hard as people imagine.I know several friends who work in Huawei. They all graduated from 985 universities in China. During the holidays, I have some communication with these friends.From the perspective of the situation of communication, working in the company, has a very perfect personnel system and security system, more than most people to work overtime to 9 points will be allowed to return home, give your task, what time can you finish, according to their own time to grasp, if you feel progress is slow, you will take the initiative to work overtime, if you feel progress faster, can not work overtime.Huawei’s personnel system should be relatively advanced among all front-line enterprises. If you really understand this system in detail, you will understand why Huawei has achieved such great achievements today, which is really inseparable from its personnel system.Five, huawei elimination rate is very high, continuous assessment is not up to standard is fired for a university graduate, if you can get a higher salary, living in 996, her also will not exist, because itself is very clear, you are able to get such a high salary, because you produced the corresponding labor value.Just now, I have introduced some specific situations of Huawei. Although the annual salary is relatively high and the pace of work is relatively good in Huawei, there is another big pressure in Huawei, that is, the pressure of being fired.Huawei can offer very high salaries to employees, but huawei does not support idle and lazy employees. If you fail to meet the set evaluation goals and fail the evaluation continuously, you will only be dismissed by Huawei.I once knew a friend who graduated from Xidian University with a master’s degree. After graduation, he went to work for Huawei. When he was 33 years old, he was directly dismissed by Huawei because he failed to reach the standard in the annual evaluation.If you have strong ability and can work in Huawei for a long time, it is not a problem to live a medium life in Shenzhen, and there is no problem to live a life with a house and a car in Shenzhen, provided that you really have the ability to stay in Huawei all the time.Generally speaking, for a graduate, it is difficult to get a good job, want to stick to a good job is also difficult, we must pay attention to increase their background, if the salary can be in place, what’s the matter with a 996 life?The above is my view and understanding of this problem, I hope my analysis can play a certain role in helping you, but also sincerely wish all young people looking for a job, can recognize the relationship between ability and work.