Why did America accept “defeat” rather than use atomic bombs when it attacked Vietnam?

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After the end of the second world war, of all political power in the world, national interests conflict began, the most deeply influence, that is surely Britain, France, the two countries to bring huge benefits to their colonies are independent choice, of course, independent behind must have the shadow of the United States and the Soviet union, it is so, many regimes in independent road in a certain time,Faced with the choice between the Soviet union and the United States.On December 30, 1948, U.S. President Harry Truman approved a report called “48-2,” which wanted the United States to contain the rapidly expanding Soviet Union, emphasize “French Indochina” in Vietnam, aid local government departments, and suppress pro-Soviet rebels.Wrote in the report is the Vietnamese government today, in May 1954, led by ho chi minh independent power, at the battle of dien bien phu, the armed forces defeated France, France had to choose to admit Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, independent of government, but the French gifted natural unwilling to colonial interests, thus to 17 degrees north latitude lines, to Vietnam in two,The Regime in Vietnam was divided between north and south.Appear again soon, however, the influence of the second world war (world) laying period, in 1955, the French troops in Vietnam is decorated, have to choose to retreat, led by ho chi minh pro-soviet pie, rapid expansion, the United States and the Soviet union during the cold war, the United States naturally reluctant to the Soviet forces in the region is too strong, therefore, is also in this year,The US invested a lot of money and weapons to prop up another Vietnamese regime.Under such circumstances, the unification of The Vietnamese regime fell into trouble again. It was not until 1959 that the independent figures in the area of the South Vietnamese regime were arrested and killed. Ho Chi Minh finally chose to unify Vietnam armed, and the South Vietnamese regime was retreating one after another.Kennedy, however, believed more in the strength of his country’s military, and sent 400 special operations soldiers and 100 military advisers to keep Vietnam divided. Unfortunately, the United States had no global war plan at this time, so ho Chi Minh’s independent regime continued to expand the war.In 1964, congress decided to use the large-scale ships, aircraft, on the one hand, is proclaimed to the world of force, wash the aid after the failure of south Korean regime “curse”, on the other hand there are also tempt Soviet foreign attitudes, on August 1, so in the same year, the United States seventh fleet destroyer “maddox, into north Vietnam jurisdiction (i.e., ho chi minh) independent regime,There was a war with North Vietnam.On the afternoon of August 4, the United States cited Vietnam’s provocation of an American warship as an excuse.More than 60 aircraft were deployed, carpet bombing was launched throughout the country, and on March 8, 3,500 U.S. Marines landed, and the United States launched a full-scale air, land and sea attack on North Vietnam.However, the war was not solved quickly, and it can even be said that the United States ended up in “defeat”. What makes people confused is that the United States, as a firm supporter of the nuclear threat theory at that time, did not launch a nuclear strike against Vietnam and chose to accept the “defeat” silently.First is the influence of the war, look only to the United States big deceit small, but in fact, Vietnam independent forces is Sue, beauty or kiss is enough to affect Asia pattern, if the United States in the war, choosing a bomb, even no meningeal worship regime in the United States, all want to consider, in the event of war, the United States will not use nuclear to them.Second is to take part in the war, the United States, France and Britain in the war, a rare choice hand in hand, France and Britain contain the Soviet union sent soldiers to aid directly, this is to let the United States can, after all, even if the Soviet aid more weapons, no one will fight and use, but also is the stove poker.Just let us think of is that the air force had bombed China, which directly affected the Chinese border, let China aid, to the battlefield into a real anxiety, at this time in order to win in the United States, a nuclear bombing Vietnam regime, it is equal to the war, the Soviet union and east Asia and China, it seems thankless in capitalist countries.Finally is international “mask”, the United States once a nuclear bomb, is to let it become a real have a sword slayers, are not willing to see, this is all the regime, after all, who do not want a hanging head to live every day, everyone in the mouth, that also is only anodyne, the American bombing is war, throw away the mask,Now we wouldn’t be calling the United States a “shit whipper”, but something more disgusting.