Design enabling product upgrade in global Consumer Technology Design Award

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The second Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 31 to June 2, 2022.CTIS 2022 will be upgraded comprehensively, focusing on the three themes of innovation power, brand China and design driving force, gathering forward-looking trends in science and technology, integrating industrial trade advantages, focusing on design-driven development, laying out the start-up investment track, and building an innovative and diversified consumer technology ecosystem “based on China and facing the world”.It is committed to building the world brand of China Consumer Science and Technology Exhibition.In order to further improve China’s science and technology and innovative products in the global influence, and promote its value transformation in the global manufacturing and consumer market, and construct the high quality of innovation and service channels, global resources and too firebird technologies, since December 15, 2021, relying on the global sources domestic exhibition platform to hold global consumer goods design award of science and technology,We collect and evaluate excellent design products, promote cutting-edge innovation achievements, and devote ourselves to empowering enterprises by means of scientific and technological services such as big data, cloud computing, design docking, channel promotion, and promote the connection between design, technology, service, r&d, manufacturing, and market.With the theme of “Smart Design, Smart Life” and the exhibitors of Global Resources Shanghai and Guangzhou exhibitions as the main body, the award is open to the whole society to collect scientific and technological consumer goods in electronic information, home furnishing, office, entertainment, travel, medical treatment, health, cultural travel and other fields.The products to be declared must be already on the market or to be on the market within 3 months, and the technology, design and production process must meet the relevant industry safety standards.Each enterprise participating in global Resources Domestic exhibition can apply for 5 products at most;Each non-exhibition exhibitors can apply for 3 products at most.According to the requirements of the organizing committee, all applicants should provide at least one application product or prototype for review and exhibition, and the product can be used for demonstration.The Global Consumer Science and Technology Design Award is jointly selected by Global Resources and Taiorbird based on four dimensions of “product innovation and overall design, technological content and technological level, practical function and user experience, commercial value and market prospect”. According to market performance and industry reputation,There are 23 awards in five categories, including GCPD Grand Award, GCPD Best Design Award, GCPD Best Technology Award, GCPD Best Experience Award and GCPD Best Business Award.The final results will be announced at the second Annual Consumer Technology and Innovation Show, which runs from May 31 to June 2.Award-winning enterprises/products can enjoy six free rights and interests provided by the sponsor: use of award brand, exhibition and activity privileges, product promotion, design service docking, product evaluation and release, “CTIS Selected” business pairing.