Three new cases were reported in Shenzhen, all in the same transmission chain

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A new confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Shenzhen on 31 January.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Provincial Party Committee, provincial government, Municipal Party Committee and municipal government have attached great importance to it. The municipal Headquarters office of Epidemic Prevention and control organized emergency response overnight, seized 24 hours of golden disposal time, and quickly carried out epidemic tracing, investigation and control, nucleic acid testing and other work.On February 1, 3 new cases were reported in Shenzhen, bringing the total number of “0131” cases to 4, all of which belong to the same transmission chain.Where does the trajectory of new cases involve?Shenzhen which area delimit for seal control control area?During the Spring Festival holiday, what is the warning for shenzhen citizens?Lin Hancheng, second-level inspector of shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, briefed reporters on the progress and key measures of epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen and answered journalists’ questions on Monday.All the new cases are Case 1 related cases Q: What is the basic information of the new cases so far?A: The new cases are as follows: Case 2 is a 32-year-old female employee of a company in Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, who lives in Lane 5, Horseshoe Mountain Village, Gangtou Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District. She has been diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (ordinary type).Case 3 is a 42-year-old female, an employee of a company in Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, living in Longshengyuan, Jianxing 2nd Road, Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District. She was diagnosed as asymptomatic infection of novel Coronavirus.Case 4 is a 55-year-old female living in Phase II yunxigu, Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, who was diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (normal type).The 3 new cases were all found in close contacts and key populations, and all the 4 cases belonged to the same transmission chain, which was clearly linked with each other.Q: Where are the main activity tracks of the new cases in Shenzhen?Answer: After preliminary investigation, the main activities of the 3 cases were as follows: Shiyan Street, Baoan District: Meguianda Dental Technology Co., LTD., Longshengyuan, Jianxing Second Road, Star City Shopping Center, Huitian Department Store, Longxin Village Committee Old Street Wet Market, Yue Fresh Life Supermarket, Rixin Department Store, Hongyuanfa Flower World.Bantian Street, Longgang District: Yunda Express Store in Five lanes of Horseshoe Mountain Village, Gangtou Community, and Youxian Shopping supermarket in five lanes of Horseshoe Mountain Village, Gangtou community.Relevant municipal and district departments are comprehensively tracing the activity track and contact information of the 4 cases within 14 days, and all the close contacts and sub-close contacts tracked have been controlled as required.The close contacts and sub-close contacts outside the city have been issued a letter of assistance and the control is in place.The work place and residence of the case have been controlled, and nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out at key places where the case has been active.Continue to strengthen the investigation and management of general contacts and key groups in accordance with the principle of “all should be inspected”.Q: Is there any update on the sequencing of the new cases?A: At present, the Novel Coronavirus genome of case 1 has been sequenced by the Municipal CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and the sequencing result is omicron variant strain (ba.1 evolutionary branch).According to the comparison between the National CDC and Guangdong CDC, the source of this case was different from many domestic omicron epidemic cases previously found in China, and the virus sequences of recent imported cases in Our city were also different, and 100% homologous with some genome sequences uploaded from North America in the global database.The initial assessment is that 0131 is a new and independent epidemic.At present, tracing the source of shenzhen “0131” epidemic is under way, and further research is needed based on epidemiological investigation and gene sequencing results.Q: What prevention and control measures have been put in place in Bao ‘an district for the work places and areas with confirmed cases?Answer: At present, Building B of Emmett Science Park has been adjusted to a medium-risk zone, and all 557 people in the zone have been quarantined.Luo Rent community luo rent industrial avenue east, west of Huangfengling industrial avenue, south of Jianxing Second Road, Zhou Shi Road extension line north area is divided into sealed control area, the implementation of “stay indoors”;The whole area of Luotong community except the sealed control area and the langxin community east of Baoshi South Road and south of Shiyan River will be designated as the control area, and the implementation of “only in, not out”;A total of 65.8 square kilometers of Shiyan street was designated as a prevention area to strengthen social prevention and control measures.Q: The newly confirmed cases reported today involve Pinghu and Bantian streets in Longgang District. What prevention and control measures have been taken in Longgang District?A: According to the epidemiological investigation, all the close contacts and sub-close contacts in Longgang have been quarantined for observation and nucleic acid samples have been taken immediately. The people outside longgang have been notified to other areas through the letter of assistance.As of 1, 17 PM, longgang district, in accordance with the level of risk to carry out the prevention and control measures, current drew a centralization, for GangTou sakata street community horseshoe hill village two five lane 1, 2, sealing centralization control personnel into not only the regional common social vehicle no thoroughfare, dining place, closed on the airtight place, suspension line service training institutions,Meanwhile, well-ventilated supermarkets and farmers’ markets should be maintained.One control area shall be delimited. In the Horse-foot Mountain area east of Madame Curie Avenue, south of Gangxi Road, west of Banxuegang Avenue and north of Jiaxian Road, “people are not allowed to leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited”. The residential areas shall implement enclosed management, and the flow control shall be strictly implemented in public places.Delimit a protection area, the enclosed area of Madame Curie Avenue, Bell Road, Banlan Avenue, Huancheng North Road, Chongzhi Avenue and Central Encircled road.Longgang immediately resumed operation of six nucleic acid testing sites, including Kunyi Fuyuan, Pinghu Railway Station and Haijixing. Regional nucleic acid testing is also being carried out in Bantian Street today, with additional sentinel sampling sites throughout the region, and nucleic acid collection work is proceeding in an orderly manner.Q: It is the Chinese New Year. How have Bao ‘an district and Longgang District provided livelihood services for residents in key areas?A: In order to provide better services for residents in key areas, Bao ‘an District has set up a special logistics service team for material support, and Longgang District has set up a service support team.”Warm heart service team” has been set up for special groups such as “the old, the weak, the sick, the pregnant and the young” among isolated people, to provide precise psychological counseling, humanistic care and other warm heart care services.Bao ‘an District has opened a service hotline for containment and control areas. When residents encounter difficulties in life and medical treatment, they can call the 24-hour comfort hotline 0755-27766076 or 0755-27760780.Key areas of Longgang district have set up a 24-hour comfort hotline: 0755-84417591, citizens in need can call at any time.Q: Are there any new changes in Shenzhen’s epidemic prevention and control measures?Answer: It is not necessary for the general public to stay in the deep sea. If they do need to leave the deep sea, they must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours from 24:00 on February 1.Party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and public institutions, etc., take the lead in implementing the requirements on non-essential matters.Those who have traveled to or returned to high-risk areas or cities with positive cases in the past 14 days must report to their communities, work units or hotels as soon as possible. Health management measures should be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations.A Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test should be carried out within 48 hours of the arrival of migrants from other provinces, and self-health monitoring should be strengthened.The city strictly controlled large-scale meetings, activities, forums, training, performances, exhibitions and sales promotions and other gathering activities. Baoan district and Longgang District suspended large-scale gathering activities.General outpatient clinic patients with health code green code.In addition to the green code of health code, nucleic acid sampling is also required for emergency patients and patients in respiratory, ENT, stomatology, endoscopy, etc. (for emergency patients, nucleic acid sampling should be performed after rescue), and there is no need to wait for nucleic acid test results after treatment.Patients in the fever clinic shall not leave until nucleic acid test results are obtained.Q: Case 1 of shenzhen 0131 was infected with the omicron variant. How can the public strengthen protection against the spread of Omicron?A: The omicron variant is characterized by rapid transmission, high viral load and strong transmissibility.The general public need not panic, the omicron epidemic can be prevented and controlled.Please do the following in your daily life and work: First, wearing masks is still an effective way to block the spread of the virus, and it is also applicable to the Omicron variant strain.Wearing a mask in indoor public places and on public transport is also necessary even after full vaccination and booster shots have been completed.Second, wash your hands frequently and do a good job of indoor ventilation.Wear masks and gloves and pay attention to hand hygiene, especially when contacting express packages at home and abroad.Third, do a good job in personal health monitoring.When you have suspected symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc., wear a mask and seek medical advice immediately.Source: Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Bao ‘an District and COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Longgang District