The mother of the February 8 incident, Yao’s father: children and grandchildren around the knee, enjoy the family, the end is no sweet without sweat

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In the New Year, Xu Ma Yao dad went all the way to Zhumadian, and Yao Wei Tian Jing, Qiqi Yue Yue spend the Spring Festival.On the first day of the first lunar month, Yao’s father got up early to prepare a hot breakfast for his family.Daughter-in-law Tian Jing returns from night shift, son Yao Wei eats overheated meal to go to work.After breakfast, Qiqi Yueyue gave Xu Ma Yao dad New Year’s greetings.Yue Yue wearing a special festival, red jacket son, tied the ball head.I wish grandma and grandpa happiness as the East China Sea, two I wish grandma and grandpa live longer than nanshan, three I wish mom and dad all the best…Milk milk gas of blessing sound, warm xu Ma Yao dad’s heart.Yao’s dad asked Qiqi, do you want grandpa to give you a red envelope or grandma?Qiqi stepped forward and said, here you are, Grandpa.She also handed yueyue the red envelope and wished yueyue progress.At first glance, the grandparents are intellectuals, but they can’t play with a broadsword.Before, Xu Ma Yao’s father never thought there would be a happy life now.Filial son daughter-in-law good, clever and lovely grandchildren, is a blessing to repair, is also a blessing.Children and grandchildren around the knees, to enjoy the end is no sweet without sorrow.Be happy for the rest of your life!