The car is tinted Tesla grey painted white gold ceiling bright sub-grey

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New tesla Model3 change a high-profile grey color that is “Bai Jinliang the grey” new arrival Bai Jinliang battle of ash and energetic color will dream pouring into light gray cement build houses to reinforced concrete forest which gave birth to the unique art and customs into color is “Bai Jinliang the ash,” Bai Jinliang the gray beauty like nature itself but it can not let a person feelComfortable white gold bright inferior gray belongs to the light gray tone familiar with the car is not strange to this “cement gray”, “combat gray”, “naduo gray” are from this simple gray low-key composed elegant concise when the new white gold bright inferior gray in the new Tesla MOdel3 Bai Jinliang escape elegant charm also charming shine on the tesla a burst of ash rich combat breath every move with grace and majesty in the bustling precipitation in plain sublimation reinterpretation of elegant appearance Refinement uncommon | | contact address, ningxia yinchuan xingqing district of hongqiao days sources of wealth transfer center south street block B