Jack Ma supported women’s football team with 1 billion yuan, while Xu Jiayin supported men’s football with 900 million yuan. Why did it produce different results

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China won the Asian Women’s Cup 3-2 against South Korea last night to become Asia’s top football team for the first time in 16 years.Later, Alipay made headlines by awarding 10 million yuan to Chinese women’s soccer players and 3 million yuan to the coaching staff.Four years ago, Ma led a 10-year 1 billion yuan public welfare sponsorship for Chinese women’s soccer, which also became hot again.The victory of women’s football team reflected the lonely situation of Men’s football team in China. However, the complete failure of the vigorous naturalization campaign of men’s football team made Evergrande Group, which invested a lot in naturalization, innocent and stigmatized again.So, Ma Yun 1 billion support women’s football, Xu Jiayin 900 million support men’s football, why bear different fruit?First, Ma Yun and Alipay pay attention to the weak Chinese women’s football and the even weaker bottom of Chinese women’s football, which makes it easier for them to touch the most soft part of Chinese people’s hearts.Ma appeared at the 2018 Asian Games with Du Zhaocai, head of the Chinese Football Association, after the team lost to Japan in the final and promised to support the development of women’s football in China.Soon, the plan came out: with alipay foundation as the main fund, Jack Ma Foundation and Tsai Chongxin Foundation participating in the women’s football support project, the amount of money reached one billion yuan in ten years.In the next ten years, the foundation will spend 100 million yuan every year to cooperate with the Chinese Football Association to jointly promote the innovation and reform of the development of Chinese women’s football.Women’s football in China enjoys unprecedented popular support.The 1 billion yuan will be mainly used in four aspects: the improvement of the training level of the National women’s football team, the protection of injury and retirement of women’s football players, the development of women’s football technology and coach training, and the promotion and development of youth women’s football.Among them, the most important thing is to develop the youth women’s football, that is, to inspire more people through the spirit of women’s football and provide stronger motivation for the future talent training of women’s football.From these four aspects, we can see the scientificity, comprehensiveness and sustainability of Alipay’s support for Chinese women’s football.It is worth noting that alipay’s ten-year support for the development of women’s football is a public welfare act, not a commercial sponsorship.As early as August 2017, Alipay began to fund Qiongzhong Women’s football team in the form of public welfare sports.Qiongzhong Women’s football Team, located in dashan county, Hainan province, started from a group of poor students who got together for free school, food and clothing in 2006, and succeeded in 2021. During this period, hundreds of qiongzhong girls went out of the mountain and entered universities because of football, changing their fate.I even think qiongzhong women’s football team rushed into the First, is more inspirational than Meizhou Hakka rushed into the Super league story.I highly recommend that fans watch the documentary on this team, it will definitely touch the softest part of your heart because it is actually happening all around us.The fund that pays treasure, make qiongzhong changes cocoon to become butterfly finally.Because of qiongzhong women’s football team, I have a different view of Jack Ma and Alipay.Second, xu Jiayin and Evergrande Group’s efforts to raise scholars for the country plunged themselves into a new round of indecency and injustice because of their too grand narrative and national football team’s lack of integrity.Just past 12 strong match, the performance of naturalized players often become a topic.From the use of naturalized players by the two national football coaches, to the social media bombardement of naturalized players, and to their apparently poor performance that did not meet expectations, we can basically conclude that the 900 million yuan invested by Evergrande Group in the naturalization campaign of Chinese football is basically a waste of water.Evergrande invested in Guangzhou Team for fame and fortune, but because of its own grand narrative on the Brazilian naturalized players of The National football Team and their poor performance after assimilation by local players, it made itself confused into a new injustice.Because of this, Xu jiayin and Evergrande are often associated with all kinds of negative aspects of Chinese football.And Canavaro’s club for the national champion, so that evergrande group’s painstaking naturalization campaign, completely into embarrassment.Because of naturalized players supported by the national football team lost to Vietnam’s pale performance and Luo Guofu’s shelling incident, so that Chinese fans finally understand that Chinese football really depends on the Chinese people.Because the cost of more naturalization, but also can not change the tragic attribute of Chinese men’s football.Xu jiayin and Evergrande group were completely duped.For naturalization, Evergrande guessed the beginning, but not the end.Third, although the two celebrities are low-key because they live in controversy, the sustainability caused by the different strength of the two big companies has produced more different results.For a variety of reasons, both Ma Yun and Xu Jiayin have become low-key, but the strength gap between the two founders’ big companies leads to the obvious difference in the sustainability of the two companies for Chinese men’s and women’s soccer.As a representative of Jinyuan, Evergrande group’s representative style is irrational.When the irrational Evergrande meets the irrational Chinese men’s football, the result of perfect harmony can be imagined.However, the fund led by Alipay has a clear future structure for the funding of Chinese women’s football. Their funding for Chinese women’s football is generous but full of reason.In fact, it is difficult to listen to evergrande’s huge investment in naturalization, except to achieve the so-called all-Chinese class dream, basically broke.If you look at the hypocrisy of those foreign players who were paid hundreds of millions of yuan and criticized the Chinese Football Association because they were stranded in the Dutch airport, you can see that Evergrande is now just knocking out its front teeth and swallowing it.Evergrande’s biggest mistake in investing in football is that it always operates football in the way of real estate, that is, it always pursues short-term interests.Football, though, is their only legitimate investment outside their main business.Fourth, when everyone starts to pay attention to women’s football, Chinese people are always at the whim of this sport, so Jack Ma’s continuous public welfare for women’s football will still be a strong reason for Chinese women’s football in the future.After Alipay, Mengniu also announced a huge reward for Chinese women’s football.To be sure, when the women’s football team returns to China, various rewards will flood in, and various enterprises begin to consume women’s football on a whim or with painstaking efforts or even more intensified.For Chinese women’s soccer, that can be a good thing, even if the genufligacy of the rich and distant relatives in the mountains is a little uncomfortable.In fact this is completely understandable, because every one to two weeks of appearance is a common thing the standardization of the women’s life, even the most fanatical women’s iron powder again, also won’t for a woman to look at in the league, since our television even after missish women’s Asian cup choose finals, what’s more, a lot of people don’t know the woman in the league.Alipay’s comprehensive support for The Chinese women’s football team has made the Chinese Women’s Super League the highest-paid women’s league in the world.For that alone, we take our hats off to Jack Ma.The craftsman spirit of continuing to do one thing is indeed quite rare in China, let alone for the humble Chinese women’s soccer team’s continued public welfare.This is the real spark of Chinese women’s football.China’s women’s soccer team needs continual supporters like Alipay, not people who just like to eat and drink.Jack Ma’s annual investment of 100 million yuan for women’s football makes us reflect on its effect on Chinese women’s football.In the Women’s Asian Cup, from the semi-final against Japan to the final against South Korea, The Chinese women’s football team showed confidence on the field, which made us quite unfamiliar.All say abdomen has poem book gas from China, actually have a job that can bring oneself decent income equally important, what’s more, to this job oneself still love so.Therefore, when the right Ma Yun, the right Sun Wen, the right Shui Qingxia and the right women’s football players meet at the right place at the right time, we will see the return of The Chinese women’s football team to the top of Asia.In four years’ time, a new women’s team was born.There are still six years to go before the ten years of The Jack Ma team. We are full of expectations for the next six years and even further of The Chinese women’s football Team.