Landing 200,000, the new “Mitsubishi Delica” debut, V6+ off-road package +7 seats, comparable to wrangler

2022-06-21 0 By

200000 level models at present domestic market compared to 100000 levels of household models and fierce competition, the current domestic consumers to the younger generation in vehicle quality and comprehensive strength is higher, so the 200000 level models has become a focused primarily on a series of young consumers, has presented a new generation of mitsubishi delica, models be born around 200000,Is the standard of pure imported hardcore off-road MPV, models provide a 2.2 T turbocharged diesel engine and a larger displacement V6 engine, provides a hardcore off-road suite at the same time, the 2 + 2 + 3 7 layout, overall hardcore off-road texture as horsemen, a new generation of mitsubishi delica, has not been positioning constraints, although is a MPV,But the aggregate performance went beyond MPV.Mitsubishi delica at present domestic market more and more vehicles, have without being limited by positioning, MPV and SUV and cars are competing with each other, between the main distinction is given priority to with the price level, so in 200000 level city car mitsubishi delica should not only competition, also has to compete off-road areas, while competition SUV and sedan version,But the comprehensive strength shown by the model is relatively strong.Mitsubishi delica, is a very pure mitsubishi series models, the cross-country style and practicality show incisively and vividly, and the whole matching degree is very high, at the same time models adopted a new generation of design technique, can attract young people’s eyes, so mitsubishi delica, at present has certain advantages in the field of many models.Mitsubishi Telica is a rare off-road MPV in the domestic market in recent years. The model has four-wheel drive and V6 engine support, and has a hard off-road kit and high performance, so it is easy for young people to pay attention to this model.Conclusion: Traditional hard-style off-road SUVs like Wrangler have high popularity, while comprehensive models like Mitsubishi Delica also have strong competitiveness and advantages, so they have full confidence in the development of the domestic market and can feel the eyes of young people.