The starting point of the double reduction policy is not for educational fairness, but for it

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As we all know, the implementation of the double reduction policy is not to advocate after-school make-up lessons, to suppress after-school make-up institutions, so that students receive education in class, many people think that the double reduction policy is to advocate education fairness, let the education of local more and more close, so it is completely wrong, the implementation of the twin policy is for the third child.Our country has now entered a stage of national aging, young people do not want to have more children, middle-aged people dare not have more children, the elderly and children, how dare to have one more child, while the rich insist that the rich dink people do not want to have more children, people receiving higher education do not want to have more children.In order to improve the aging society and increase the fertility rate, the double reduction is implemented. What is the relationship between the two?What is the relationship between the refusal to make up lessons policy and the three-child policy?In order to reduce the unreasonable expenditure of residents’ expenses, let residents have more free money, so that people are not afraid to raise children, so they do not let make-up lessons.A lot of families make up the spending is too expensive, a child make up the spending is often much more than tuition fees, if you don’t let make up the spending, so much of the cost, can raise a child, so this is the implementation of double reduction, in fact, is to pave the way for three children.Some families have two children but do not dare to have a third child, just because the extra tuition for two children is too expensive.Families usually get up two children, and raising a child is a little problem, so if the other two children don’t make up a missed lesson, can the third child, general families don’t mind to have two children, one more child, so many children families often have more more, dink families haven’t been born.For better implementation of compulsory education, to help big spending three policy introduced a lot of families is not food diet, but rather on the housing subsidy and education, many families spend a lot of money in the housing subsidy, the education of children, but now the country’s compulsory education is to alleviate the burden of the people, let people have more money.If parents blindly compare with each other and invest all their money in their children’s education, isn’t it against the original intention of compulsory education?Only when compulsory education is successfully implemented will the fertility rate rise. If children cannot receive compulsory education and eventually rely on remedial classes, the implementation of compulsory education will fail.Without the smooth implementation of compulsory education, it is still a problem for children to read, so it will be difficult to implement the three-child policy. Only when compulsory education is guaranteed smoothly and every child can get free compulsory education from the state, can more and more people be willing to give birth and give birth freely.When the epidemic is good, many people get pregnant, and even the divorce rate is much lower. After the double reduction policy, many educational institutions are faced with unemployment. With so many people unemployed, many people who want to get pregnant will give up looking for a job and go home to have a baby.Because the employment situation is not optimistic, unemployed people originally want to have children, worried that children will affect their work, so they dare not get pregnant, since they have lost their jobs, it is better to go home to have children.As a result, more and more babies will be born, and the birth rate will go up, and when the epidemic happens, the birth rate will go up, and the divorce rate will go down, and after the double reduction policy, a lot of women, if they are wondering whether to continue working or to have a baby, will probably choose to have a baby.As a matter of fact, education equity is a starting point for the policy of double reduction, and it is also a starting point to promote the three-child policy and let more people have children at ease. Why does our country attach so much importance to fertility rate now?Is aging so serious?What are the consequences of aging?What are the serious consequences of aging?Once the aging of our country is serious, the social insurance will be in the deficit. China’s social insurance is inherited from generation to generation. The previous generation enjoys the money paid by the next generation, and the previous generation pays their own social insurance money first, which is appropriated by the previous generation.So this group of people are going to have to use the next generation of young people’s insurance, so the old people have already paid for it, and now they’re using the young people’s money.If there are fewer and fewer young people and more and more old people, then the social security will be in an inverted triangle. The expenditure of the old is too large, but the social security contributions of the young are not enough, and the country will be left in the bottom.With the aggravation of China’s aging population, the deficit of social insurance is becoming more and more severe year by year. How to let more young people pay social insurance requires more young people to join in.Poor employment and aging will also lead to poor employment. Aging will make retired people unable to retire, so they can only extend their working hours, work longer on the job and have less time to provide for the aged. A lot of physical work, as well as computer and other enterprises, need a lot of young people.An industry without the injection of new blood will absolutely become sunset industry, more and more decline.Now a lot of artificial intelligence technology is probably updated, the more high-tech the more new people need to understand.This is also why the computer industry needs younger talent. If the aging population becomes more and more serious, and the birth rate is lower and lower, the distribution of jobs in the society will become more and more unreasonable, and the working retirement age of the society will be extended indefinitely.Not only that, labor will become scarcer, making it more expensive to employ people and straining companies.Aging has so many harms, so in order to prevent the society from falling into aging, it is also a good way to have a universal three-child policy and have as many children as possible. The country has made a lot of policies to help more families raise fetuses. Now the double reduction is also to implement the universal three-child policy, without doubt.Today’s topic discussion: will you cooperate with the full three children?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.